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Announcement of an online consultation with EMBO editors



We are pleased to announce that online consultation with EMBO editors (six slots of one-on-one discussion) are available on December 3, 2020, from 20:00 to 21:00 (Japan time).


The consulting editors are as follows.


- Dr. Bernd Pulverer; the Chief Editor of The EMBO Journal and Head of Scientific Publications at EMBO Press

- Dr. Maria Polychronidou; the Senior Editor of Molecular Systems Biology and Manager of EMBO training activities


They are also the invited speakers for the Forum of MBSJ2020, Hands-on training by EMBO: "Manuscript Writing & Publishing Course (2F-06)". They will discuss your unpublished work for possible submission to one of the EMBO Press journals (or elsewhere). They have had a number of such ‘virtual consultations’ at other meetings, which have been well received.  


The consultation will be 20 minutes each, and will be from either 20:00, 20:20, or 20:40 on December 3. The Zoom link will be provided by EMBO.


If you would like to book this consultation, please sign up below by November 26










EMBO エディターによるオンライン論文相談のお知らせ





Dr. Bernd Pulverer(The EMBO Journalチーフエディタ−)と Dr. Maria Polychronidou(Molecular Systems Biologyシニアエディター・EMBOトレーニングコースマネージャー)のお二人です。彼らは2020年分子生物学会年会フォーラム(2F-06)「EMBOのハンズオントレーニングをうけてみよう:論文執筆と投稿戦略」の講師でもあります。



未発表研究について、EMBO pressのいずれかの雑誌(あるいはそれ以外でも)への投稿の可能性を検討します。彼らは今までこういったバーチャル論文相談を他の学会で行ってきており、好評を博しています。  


論文相談は20分間で、次の時間帯のいずれかに割り当てられます。20:00~, 20:20~, または20:40~。Zoom リンクはEMBOから提供されます。








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